Growing Together

At Crosstowne, a principal belief is that we grow best together.

Growing As A Person

A core goal is that any person - faith or none or somewhere in between - will find a place among us to be themselves, find community, and grow as a person.

Join the movement to love Milton with us.  Hang out with us. Serve with us. Have fun with us.  You will grow. And so will we. 

Growing In Faith

Simple Gospel Rythms

Crosstowne's primary vehicle for spiritual growth occurs through the:

  • simple rhythms of Sunday Worship Gatherings
  • our monthly schedule of mid-week Apprenticeship
  • periodic short-run programs on relationships, parenting, and youth

How does it happen?

First of all, your faith grows through active dialogue. In each setting, especially in worship gatherings, you are not simply told truth; you engage it personally. We give time to share insights and see how it relates to everyday life.

Secondly, your faith grows through belonging. You are feel part of the body of Christ rather than attending an institution. Within the smaller (25-50 people) missional community setting, you share joys and struggles with a group of imperfect but real people.

Finally, your faith grows with a sense of purpose. The 'missional' part of 'missional community' places out front before us the key question, "Why has God wired me this way? Why am I here? Why are we here in this city?" And then we actively and intentionally live out of that together.   

Growing As A Leader

Participating In A Missional Community

Within the missional community and worship gathering setting, participation is encouraged. No matter your age or faith background, you get a simply opportunities to lead all aspects of being a family on mission. Conversation, participating or organizing a serve project, making food, reading scripture, praying, offering insight and even leading a discussions are different low-key ways to test out leadership skills.

The Huddle

The huddle is an intentional 8 month long tool for being discipled so that you can disciple others. This exciting course is being run at most times as means to develop you as a leader with skills and character development that is transferable to all areas of life.  If you have any questions about this or any other thing email Pastor John at or call 905-805-2064.

Crosstowne This Week


Wednesday December 20th

Women's Bible Study: The Book of Acts

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No morning service on Christmas Eve


Sunday December 24th (evening)

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service



Alpha starting January 17th

Every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30

explore the meaning of faith and life with us.

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