Who Are We?

We are a movement.

The Crosstowne community is part of something bigger than any church on any day in Milton.  And that something is God's boundless love for this city. 

We are a church.

We seek to be a gospel community that is just as boundless.  As an expanding network of 'missional communities' throughout Milton, we are a people-first, neighbourhood-rooted, and creatively-flexible community of faith. 

Church is sometimes envisioned as a fixed place,walled by boundaries of rule or race, and stuck in an irrelevant past.  Did you know:

  • The church started as an unbounded movement called The Way that changed history.
  • People didn't go to a church - instead they followed Jesus - there were no boundaries; anyone could come, belong, be restored, and then be sent out to continue the movement. 
  • And Jesus - and later his church - went everywhere. That's why Crosstown is a movement, a church and is found in homes through out Milton.

Join us for a Sunday Gathering to meet our community and learn more.  Just let us know you're coming this Sunday by emailing info@crosstowne.org

Crosstowne This Week

Crosstowne Church will be closed for 

holidays from July 24th until August 6th.

We will see everyone again on August 13th for worship

and breakfast 9:30am!


Summer BBQ at 111 Ontario Street

BBQ's will commence again on Thursday August 10th.


 VBS 2017: Maker Factory Fun

August 21-25, SK-Grade 5, 10$ per child.

email courtney.norah@gmail.com to register today!


All are welcome!

Email info@crosstowne.org for more information.





Visit us at the Corner anytime!

Meet Pastor John Bouwers




Crosstowne   |   100 Nipissing Road (unit 3), Milton, Ontario   |   info@crosstowne.org    |  289-878-3513