A Sermor Series

A recurrent theme in the Bible is the matter of prayer. from the beginning to the very end of the word of God, we find prayer to be a high priority practice for all believers, yet, how often do we pray?

In Luke 11:1-13, we find the disciples asking Jesus to teach them how to, and He teaches them what is today the classical prayer of all Christians,

We’ll be spending some time during the next few weeks visiting scripture and discussing the great value of a prayer life.

Follow us online as we present our sermons live every Sunday at ten on our Facebook page, or come visit, we’d love to have you accompany us as we have breakfast together and together spend time worshiping and sharing the word of God.

Or check us out every Thursday night, as we get together live to discuss and digest words from the Bible.

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Sunday Stream

Posted by Crosstowne; a small church with a big heart. on Sunday, June 16, 2019