(Staff photo from  L to R: Courtney, Diane, Geraldine, Pastor John)

Pastor John leads Crosstowne Church with love, gentleness, and grace. Pastor John has a passion for the people of Milton and the town itself which means he usually makes new friends wherever he is in Milton. Often, you can find him at the church with coffee ready and the door open for anyone! Or he might be exploring the town, the market, the trails, or the car shows. To connect with John, email

Geraldine can be found helping others prepare for Sunday school, making meals for friends and neighbours, and lending her imagination and creativity to the church’s events, seasonal themes, and all day to day needs. If we can’t find Geraldine, it’s a safe bet that she is playing or making crafts with the children or filling the needs of someone who relies on her.

Diane is an important connection between our partnerships in Milton and the people those partnerships serve. You can find Diane anywhere around Milton as she often gives rides to those without transportation, picks up groceries for others, and always takes the time to share the good news of Jesus with whoever she meets – often over a cup of tea or coffee.

With a desire to both strengthen and create meaningful connections, in and outside of the church, Courtney tries to find ways to build and encourage relationships in Milton. Whether she is connecting with local business owners or finding ways to support other mothers in town, Courtney has a desire to meet new people and hear their stories.

Crosstowne Church currently shares space with Omagh Presbyterian at 8815 Britannia Road in Milton.

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